Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Women

Imagine a little girl, barely a teenager, refusing to go to the bathroom at night because she is afraid of being raped for the third, fourth or fifth time. Desperate men are waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to follow this little girl into a latrine to take away any glimmer of hope she may have had.

 These young girls fear for their wellbeing and their innocence. After being separated from loved ones, whether due to death or by simply being lost, these girls are forced to grow up and take responsibility for themselves, their younger siblings, and even their own babies.  A happy future seems to be an impossibility for these young girls; girls who used to wonder what they would get for their birthday and now worry about how they are going to give birth.

Click here to read Didi Bertrand Farmer's account of her return to Haiti, the horrible living conditions she witnessed and her interview with a brave little girl who still has hope after all hope was lost.

Click here to see a slideshow of photographs taken by Nadia Todres, a photo journalist who visited the young girls living on the camp grounds in Haiti.

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