Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Haiti Trip: Day Three

On our last full day in Haiti, we took time to do some sight-seeing in Port-Au-Prince and Petion-ville.

We drove around in downtown Port-Au-Prince where you can still see the crumbled remains of the National Palace and the cathedral. There are camps facing the National Palace. One of the biggest camps is in Champs de Mars which is in close proximity to the National Palace.

We were excited to shop for art in Petion-ville. There were lots of beautiful paintings depicting life in Haiti lining the streets while their creators stood by, hoping that the tourists would see the beauty that these talented artists hope will never be forgotten.

Seeing beautiful views of Haiti from the mountaintops of Petion-ville and being in the presence of families of tourists and Japanese UN soldiers reminded us that even though we come from different backgrounds, we can still be together as human beings to appreciate a beautiful view like this.

Our time in Haiti was short, but our experience on this trip will stay in our memories and hearts forever. We look forward to continue working in Haiti and seeing more of this beautiful country in the future.

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