Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Haiti Trip: Day Two

We woke up really excited to do our project. We went to tent camps not too far from where we were staying.

TEF Team in Haiti

In both tent camps we visited, there was a system worked out to distribute items, but more discussion took place on how to ensure equitable distribution of items. We were surprised by the order in the camps. People gathered around us respectfully. We explained what we brought and how many items would go to each family. Regine, one of our team members, demonstrated what was in the kits and trained the residents on how to use the items in the kits. The camp leaders/residents welcomed us, offered us chairs (just as if we were visiting there house), and thanked us. 

Camp 1

Camp 2

Our team, felt happy and blessed that we could help. We understand that the camps residents need help in many ways, but we sensed their gratitude---to not be forgotten, to know that people still cared and wanted to help. 

Check out www.theempowerfoundation.org to learn more about The Empower Foundation and Safety Kits Project.

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